Aug 29, 2023
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Elasticsearch is a popular search/analytics engine and vector database. Elasticsearch offers an efficient way to create, store, and search vector embeddings at scale.

For technical details, refer to the Elasticsearch documentation.

The elasticsearch-labs repo contains executable Python notebooks, sample apps, and resources for testing out the Elastic platform.

OpenAI cookbook notebooks 📒

Check out our notebooks in this repo for working with OpenAI, using Elasticsearch as your vector database.

In this notebook you'll learn how to:

  • Index the OpenAI Wikipedia embeddings dataset into Elasticsearch
  • Encode a question with the openai ada-02 model
  • Perform a semantic search

Retrieval augmented generation

This notebooks builds on the semantic search notebook by:

  • Selecting the top hit from a semantic search
  • Sending that result to the OpenAI Chat Completions API endpoint for retrieval augmented generation (RAG)