Apr 13, 2023
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Typesense is an open source, in-memory search engine, that you can either self-host or run on Typesense Cloud.

Why Typesense?

Typesense focuses on performance by storing the entire index in RAM (with a backup on disk) and also focuses on providing an out-of-the-box developer experience by simplifying available options and setting good defaults.

It also lets you combine attribute-based filtering together with vector queries, to fetch the most relevant documents.

Other features

Besides vector storage and search, Typesense also offers the following features:

  • Typo Tolerance: Handles typographical errors elegantly, out-of-the-box.
  • Tunable Ranking: Easy to tailor your search results to perfection.
  • Sorting: Dynamically sort results based on a particular field at query time (helpful for features like "Sort by Price (asc)").
  • Faceting & Filtering: Drill down and refine results.
  • Grouping & Distinct: Group similar results together to show more variety.
  • Federated Search: Search across multiple collections (indices) in a single HTTP request.
  • Scoped API Keys: Generate API keys that only allow access to certain records, for multi-tenant applications.
  • Synonyms: Define words as equivalents of each other, so searching for a word will also return results for the synonyms defined.
  • Curation & Merchandizing: Boost particular records to a fixed position in the search results, to feature them.
  • Raft-based Clustering: Set up a distributed cluster that is highly available.
  • Seamless Version Upgrades: As new versions of Typesense come out, upgrading is as simple as swapping out the binary and restarting Typesense.
  • No Runtime Dependencies: Typesense is a single binary that you can run locally or in production with a single command.

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